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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  January 1, 2013 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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breaking news of the fiscal cliff it live picture from the house floor where procedures for a final vote on tax cuts is under way. it is our top story seen around the country tonight. the house debate on the fiscal cliff bill is under way. a vote is expected to follow shortly. at 8:00 chicago tied house republicans and democrats started arguing the senate bill that passed early this morning.
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it's a very important step in our quest to ensure that there is that degree of certainty. this bill ensures that the american people will not have the largest tax increase in the history of our country tomorrow. we have to make sure that the most vulnerable americans do not pay for the rich getting richer. the house will vote on the deal as is there will not be an amendment an idea previously toss around it extends unemployment benefits for 2 million americans but it puts off tackling $24 billion in spending cuts for two months when a new congress will be in place dick durbin praised
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president obama for making the deal happen. >> he was successful in the senate i hope he will be in the house as well. the senate bill is expected to take place in about an hour or so thanks very much on this first day of the new year three homicides in chicago the latest late this afternoon in the gage park neighborhood of man was shot in the chest in a possible drive-by shooting. he just left work at a downtown hotel. police reported
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the 19 year-old died after he was shot to death in the 4500 block of south champaign no one is in custody and 12 other people have been shot in the city since midnight last night a man and woman were shot around for in the morning the woman hit in the thigh and the man in the back, no one was arrested in any of the 12th shootings. chicago sought a total of 506 homicides in 2012 which is an increase of almost 16% from the years before. gary mccarthy helped make an arrest in the austin neighborhood. all around 130 this morning he helped officers pull over a vehicle in the area. the police department says that mccarthy goes on patrols pretty frequently and so does every member of the command
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staff. it wasn't mccarthy's first arrest. calls for legalizing same-sex marriage are picking up with our live outside holy name cathedral. francis cardinal george is making a very hot topic in catholic churches as well he wants parishioners to track down the local law makers to make sure that cybill unions do not come to illinois. the church is weighing in with no time to waste. pastor's published in this letter in the sunday bulletin cardinal george encourage people to stop the civil union movement the
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cardinal once catholic followers and people like state senator heather's dane who is behind the bill. it makes sure that all people are treated the same under our law, civil rights advocate anthony martinez is 100 percent behind the fair marriage act a brave step for marriage. to be able to afford that relationship recognition to couples that have been in relationships for decades in the letter from the archdiocese cardinal georgia and others vehemently opposes changing laws and he says marriage comes to us from nature. the state has no power to create something that nature itself tells us is impossible. tonight catholics leading holy name cathedral some of them are deciding what their role will be now that the church is asking them to jump
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into action. i am very much with the cardinal on this issue. i. overall agree with what the churches feelings are on it. and catholicism in general. i will call lawmakers and tell them to do so. i absolutely agree that anybody should have their own faith in tbilisi and religious traditions this does not change the religious definition of marriage, this is civil marriage. here is the timing of things in the coming days if this bill makes it out of the committee on wednesday the illinois state senate will vote on thursday and next week the house gets a chance at it. if he signs it would take effect 30 days later. maryland became the
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latest in which same-sex marriages accepted. it's commonly divided northern and southern states. two men who have been partners for 35 years got married. it is approved by maryland voters in a november ballot ceremonies followed a legislative battle between the state catholic governor and the archbishop of baltimore. and tonight northwestern fans are celebrating the end of a route to dating back to 1949 the wildcats win 34-20 over mississippi state. they got every throwing moment of the game on tv. nothing but praise for the team at the coach pat fitzgerald. it wasn't our best
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season i can remember but having lost seven ball games in the past 11 years it's really good to win. it is a great story and we have a great time watching the game, i am sorry i wasn't there but that is the way it goes. tonight northern illinois fans watching the orange bowl and i you looking to upset heavily favored florida state. huskies led by quarterback jordan lynch of chicago's south side. and i you lowered states. the bears general manager holding a news conference to tell us why he fired lovey smith. rich king was there with the story tonight. no surprise
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at all. he was fired because he missed the playoffs in the last five-six years into never got an offensive year with nine years on the job as coach. he has already talked of possible replacements. he says he does want a strong leader and a guy with high energy. i want somebody to have high energy, somebody to pull people together in the building up the and positive. those qualities are paramount we all want to work together in a positive environment towards winning championships. i think working with the media it not only in chicago but in the national sense is very important. i want this person to stand up and represent us well. j. cutler is
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a franchise quarterback. still ahead, new year and a breakdown of some of the extra fees you will have to pay in 2013. a few hardy souls taking the polar plunge and today is the coldest day so far this season jim ramsey tells us how long these temperatures will stay so cold.
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the new york city sanitation workers didn't have a lot of time to celebrate the new year right after the ball dropped in times square 200 city workers started cleaning up all in all 50 t of trash using everything from sweepers to leaf blowers an estimated 1 million people packed times square to bring in the new year. this year the late dick clark appeared and back here in the chicago area some people picked off the new year
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with an icy dip into lake michigan how people are beginning 2013 on a very positive note. polar bears invading north avenue beach for six years these unbelievably courageous souls take to the icy waters of lake michigan raising thousands of dollars in donations for greyhound rescues. some prefer to work the ground game at lincoln park at the 28th annual new year's day 5 k run and walk a great way for aaron casey and her dad to start the year off right. it's nice to get up really early like this and get your adrenaline going. no shortage of energy and further south in grant park. another new year's day contest of wills. i
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think we're going to make some progress it's going to be a good year for america. here is an idea new year's day in your p.j.'s, for the ninth year in a boroughroeper de hosted a great way to begin 2013. i'm excited for 2013 i know it's going to be full of miracles and blessings. i'm going to try to savor every moment with my girl. a lot of positive energy this new year's day making new year's day
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resolutions. higher fees especially when it comes to transportation. when most of oz part using these meters bases we use a credit card because who was going to carry our round $6.50 in quarters. that's what it's going to cost for just one hour in the loop chicago now has the most expensive meter parking in the country. if you park on the streets of chicago keep punching. it will now cost 75¢ more an hour to park in the loop which comes to $6.50. who is going to pay that money? for the rest of chicago rates are just
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$2 an hour. of course these rate hikes are all part of the deal that the city made when it leased its readers to chicago parking meters el al, a decision that still makes many chicago and scratched their head. if you are trying to avoid paying more to park by taking public transportation and not so fast there also hiking its affairs for 30 day passes for example a 30 day pass will increase 16% from $86 to 100. other hikes you should know about is the sky way told that will go up 50¢ to $4 and metro riders could be affected all so you will have to pay more for 10 ride tickets but as one suburban i reminded us
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>> everything is better in the city of chicago. >> coming up small signs of change returning to normal after last month's tragedy at sandy hook elementary. and the state of pennsylvania is now suing the n.c.a.a. a new club in colorado is allowing members to bring their own marijuana. don't miss the kmart home sale. up to 40% off all bed and bath. this week only. at kmart.
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students and staff of sandy hook elementary school will return to school thursday this is the first time that everyone will be back together since the shooting rampage that left 20 students and six adults dead instead of going back to sandy hook bay will go 6 mi. away to a building where another building needs to be located. gov tim corbett's cost to discuss the filing of a federal lawsuit that follows former assistant coach sandusky's conviction of sexually abusing boys the n.c.a.a. find the school $60
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million, took away winds reduced scholarships and bay and penn state for the post season.and bannedband penn statefor thebanned penn state for the game season. the u.s. postal service is recognizing the 150th anniversary with a commemorative stamp it features some famous words and the new stamp is being issued as a forever stamp. meaning it will always mail letters no matter what the
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postal rate. sink your teeth into that burger right there. it can cure your hangover.
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denver's nickname is mile high city but it takes for a whole new meaning, marijuana is now legal in colorado denver's first pot smoking club is now open to the public the law allows adults over 21 to possess marijuana in small amounts as long as they do not smoke in public. they charge $30 to get in making it a private club. what we are allowed to do is legal and
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completely acceptable in constitutionally protected. they should regulate at like alcohol. this is where you can hang out and smoke instead of drink. the club does not sell any marijuana. once you pay the entry fee you can bring your own snacks to. temperatures headed down to the single digits tonight. jim ramsey says we could see a warmup in the near future. the forecast is next.
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we usually think of going to ripley for a ball game in the summer but it's alive this year with ice skaters. we are at 13 degrees right now. no
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accumulation expected, temperatures all across the area look at these single-digit numbers out to the west. levels close to where we are right now. look at the wind, not very strong. that wind is enough to produce varying wind chills.
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temperatures are not going to be particularly comfortable this is actually a wind chill advisory. another wind chill advisory from maine. tonight visibility is at 10 mi.. look at this chart this
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is what we are expecting for high temperatures. look at these numbers for the next couple of days. temperatures are going to be warming. and with that we might see a couple of 40 degree temperatures develop. notice some back in western wisconsin and down to the south. then producing some very impressive range from louisiana and mississippi and on up towards the east coast. in the meantime this is our computer tutorial of what we are expecting. forecast
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for tonight, partly cloudy and a bit breezy at times. winds of the north at 4-14 mi. per hour wednesday clouds increase and a few late flurries are possible. we place now on the chart here. thursday's high as 24-27 degrees. late in the day we may see a peak of sunshine. coming
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up hilary clinton's health scare is not raising some questions about her political future what impact news of a blood clot could have and the tasty treats that promised to cure your new year's day hangover.
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doctors say they are confident that hillary clinton will make a full recovery after the blood clot was found between her brain and skull. secretary clinton is viewed as a needing a presidential contender in 2016 sif she chooses to run. on the day when hillary clinton was supposed to be returning to workwork she spent another day at a new york hospital being treated with blood thinners, they expect her to make a full recovery and she will not suffer a stroke or neurological damage, her doctor is not involved in her case but he has treated cases like cars and he calls them ryder. the
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chairman of the department of medicine at atlantic hospital... >> i think for future is as good as her past, she will recover from this and she will be treated with blood thinners, i cannot say how long because i don't know all of the circumstances but certainly a minimum of three-six months. she should recover fully and get back to work. >> and that work is growing, she has traveled to more than 100 countries as secretary of state and a lot closer to 1 million mi. during that time. most often he doesn't >> i think the travel is probably more of an issue with the blood clot she had 12 years ago in her leg so anybody who
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has had a blood clot they are always at risk for developing another one and the risk is probably greater than if they never had a blood clot so travel is potentially an issue for the secretary. but i would imagine that when she travels she is in a coach seat cramped up. while she has repeatedly not interested in running for president she was viewed as a democratic favorite in the 2016 if she chooses to run. lawmakers wanted to insert the lack of security at the u.s. consulate in libya where the u.s. ambassador and others were killed on the 911 anniversary. they hold confirmation hearings on her expected replacement. a
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provocative military move made by iran the navy claims they test fired a range of weapons the u.s. and israel haven't ruled out a strike on the nuclear facility they deem as weapons development but iran denies the charge. coming up a look at the first local child born after the clockclock struck midnight. and the search for a new head coach. this is america.
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to see the glass half-full. of air. think it's weird to collect air? you wouldn't think so if you saw what your lungs collect every time you breathe. protect your health with the free "state of the air" app from the american lung association. o0 c1 they are the proud parents of
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this year's first newborn in the chicago area, jay miller talked about the new claim to fame. when the staff at st. anthony hospital heard the lullaby music just after midnight they knew what it meant the first new your baby had been born me to
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aid in eldorado,... he was the first new year's baby to be born in chicago even though her december 29th due date came and when she said she never expected to start having contractions in the middle of her family's new year's eve celebration. the baby's father had other plans. he has two older sisters a three and nine year-old and the child's father is a construction
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worker and though it's believed new year's babies will have good luck their entire lives his only hope for his newborn son is this. >> as long as he is staying out of trouble i am happy. >> and has been trying for years to have in your years baby and it just hasn't worked out it goes to show you that some things can never be planned. after a night of new year's eve party in here is something you can sink your teeth into, an australian man created the hang over burger which is made with the standard fixings meet patty lettuce and tomatoes piled on bacon, fried eggs and barbeque chicken the finished mail is six and a half feet high and the tips the scales at more than 220 lbs. and this serves as a new year's day snack. doesn't
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sound like a cure it sounds like more of a problem. let's check what is happening with temperatures around the country and it right now. it's too far south for us to be concerned about here in chicago but notice the clouds up to the north and west they will be drifting over us in the early morning. this
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model produces to tens of an inch of snow at o'hare but i don't think that it will make it to the ground. from the house of representatives you concede they have started to take the vote tonight on the senate fiscal cliff deal they are looking to get to 17, that is the magic number tonight in order for the deal to pass the house 217 we have not reached this number yet. hugh hefner is 86 years
9:48 pm
old. he got married at the playboy mansion in los angeles on new year's eve the two called off their engagement back in 2011 she said she got cold feet and they needed some time to reconcile which apparently they have. a full recap of the other days ball games including the granddaddy of them all, the rose bowl. rich king has i
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there are better ways to end the new year he explained what kind
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of coach he is looking for to replace him. in a lengthy news conference he called the firing of levy smith a tough decision, tough for a memory and hard for them to pass the family. the family. he was very well regarded by his players, it was difficult but we have to move forward. there were two reasons why he was let go after nine years as bears coach. we have not had consistency on the offensive side of the ball, we have gone through a number of corridors, we have searched for answers, the end result is we did not have enough consistency, he was not getting them to the playoffs on a consistent basis being able to meet our organizational goals to be in a spot to win championships, i made the change moving forward. no one has been
9:53 pm
excluded it is an open process i want to talk to these individuals and listen to their thoughts about how they can lead the chicago bears towards excellence.towards excellence. after a 54 year drought in ball games. up 20-13, they would have
9:54 pm
had one more score. the wildcats went 27-13 fitzgerald in the winner's circle. i've never been here before so i am not sure how to act, this is what is left of the monkey after the guy tore it apart i was in the locker room. i think it speaks volumes for the legacy and the incredible success into the foundation that they have laid for the future. >> i'm kind of sad there is no confetti after words but i will deal with it and it was just good to be out there. the
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seminoles lead at 14-3. when the badgers are done by just six in the fourth quarter. stanford wins it 20-16 wisconsin has lost three in a row. the hard-hitting outback michigan and south carolina. michigan is down in the fourth quarter but devon gardner its jeremy for a touchdown. 28-27 there is too much time left. they came back down and they scored a long pass seven seconds ago horrible defense. south carolina wins it 23-28. market gets the full
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treatment he got every ounce of that gatorade. a big day for northwestern. breaking news we're following from washington d.c., the post continues to 05 right now. 217 is the magic number to get the fiscal cliff
9:57 pm
legislation. they don't want any damage to the u.s. economy. we are getting much closer to what looks like some bipartisanship in washington d.c. in the u.s. capitol 217 just past. fiscal cliff legislation is passed, good news for the u.s. economy. that wards off a potential disaster. from all of us here
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